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How to Succeed in Your Next Phone Interview by admin

As you know, the current job market is tight for job seekers. The companies have a distinct advantage in the hiring process because there are so many possible candidates for each job opening.

In the past, if you lived within driving distance of the company, you would get an in-person interview if they liked your resume. Today, phone screen interviews are much more commonly used to reduce the number of candidates for in-person interviews.

Hiring managers want to be sold that you are a match for the opening.

Here are three tips to help you succeed in your next phone interview.

1. RESUME: Always have a copy of your resume in front of you during the interview. That will help you verify your work history dates and job titles. If you are fuzzy or hesitant on your background, the interview may be over before it even starts.

2. ENERGY: Always be more energetic than normal. Enthusiasm is the magic ingredient in all interviews. Your energy level is even more critical on the phone because you don’t have the benefit of eye contact and body language to help you communicate. During an in-person interview, body language is 65 percent of the communication. It’s difficult to see a smile by telephone! An employer will gauge your genuine interest in the company by your verbal energy and intensity.

3. CLOSE: You must ask for the order. At the end of the conversation, the employer may ask, "Do you have any final questions?" This is your opening to say, in your own words, "I want this job." You must tell the employer that you are very interested in the position and would like to join their team. Ask what the next step is or when they will have a decision?

Once the interview is finished: Call your recruiter/account manager and tell them the details of the interview. Take notes. Also jot down the name of the person on the phone. Follow up with a thank you note to your recruiter/account manager to pass on to the person interviewing you.

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