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I have 3 weeks; my employer wants me to go back to India

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"I have 3 weeks; my employer wants me to go back to India" These were the words from a present Employee, who’s previous Employer (Large Company) told him that the project is completed, pack bags. 

The challenge was to find a project in 1-2 weeks and transfer his H1B. We called for an Emergency meeting with the Marketing Team and discussed the possibilities of finding him a Project in 1-2 Weeks. There has been an overwhelming response from the team – 

One Team Member said “If I can not find him a Project in 2 Weeks; I will quit this Job” 

We used the entire workforce, our network, made over 500 Phone calls to Hiring Managers to find this candidate a Project – Eh, and we did it! 

The candidate got a Project, applied for the H1 Transfer. Another happy Consultant! 

Thank you Team, you are better than the best!