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"IT Consulting and Staffing Services is one of the most profitable businesses in the United States.

There is a potential to earn Top Dollars by becoming our Franchise and by providing services in the United States!

By becoming our franchise, you can turn your dreams into reality. We can help you setup your IT Consulting and Staffing Business business in no time, recruit employees for you and provide training and ongoing support to help you succeed. The investment is very low and you do not need a Commercial space to run your business, all you need is Internet Connection, few desks, Computers for you or your employees. We do the rest. We will supply you with United States VOIP Phone lines, Company email addresses and more...

There is a very low Franchise fee, you only pay your bills and your employees. We do not charge for training you or your Employees.

What is the Business Model?

We are in the business of providing IT Consulting and Staffing Services for various Clientsin the United States. We actively Recruit candidates like Programmers, DBAS, ERP Consultants for various IT Positions with a number of Clients across the United States. We are looking for entrepreneures who can support our Day-to-Day Recruitment activities in Recruiting Candidates and to fill these positions with our Clients. After we place a candidate with a client, we earn money for every single hour the candidate works with the client.

You must have the ability to support your business expenses and payroll for your employees for at least 6 months until you begin receiving Commission Checks by investing a Capital of upto $25,000.00 over 6 Months.

This looks interesting, please tell me more…

We will help you setup your US based IT Consulting and Staffing business in few weeks

You are required to begin with at least 3 employees including yourself

If you are overseas, you should be able to work based on United States EST Time Zone

We can help you recruit employees and train you and your employees.

You and your employees will work with our Client Account Managers and Senior Recruiters on a day-to-day basis

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) and roughly how much will I make each Month?

We will pay you a Commission of 30%-40% of our Net Margin. All payments will be sent to you via bank wire as and when we get paid from our Clients. This business is slow to begin with and is lucrative on the long run.There is a possibility to earn over $5000.00 month after your expenses in the first year. As we grow, there is a potential to earn over $20,000 Per month.

"We only work with entreprenuers with long-term goals, if you have short-term goals, please do not waste our time."

I am from overseas, can I become a Franchisee?

Yes! Due to less overheads and Labor Costs; this business is best suited for overseas entrepreneurs - Especially from Countries like India, Bangladesh, Philippines and China. We encourage overseas entrepreneurs.