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H1B Consultant Resume Marketing

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Due to Privacy, We have not included the Actual name of our Employee/Consultant.

Patel is an SAP Consultant, his Employer has a poor Marketing Team. He approached Infoway Software for a Job Opportunity.

One of our Senior Recruiters worked with him and found that his Resume is poorly formatted and has no keywords reflecting his knowledge and experience. It is a common thing that even Senior IT Consultant's Resume(s) are poorly prepared. Our Recruiter worked with him to format an attractive keyword rich Resume and promised him to find an opportunity in 3 weeks.

Our Marketing Team always work on a 3 week Deadline to put a IT Consultant on Projects (Otherwise, they know that they loose their jobs).

We found a Project for Mr. Patel within the 3 weeks time-line. Another happy Consultant... 

Thanks to our ZERO Bench Policy.