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Senior Java Developer
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Location: BOSTON MA
Job ID# 767
Date Posted: 19 Mar 2019



Contractor chosen will be required to pass credit background check - no credit delinquencies, no charge backs, has not walked away from unresolved debt...  Also will undergo background check for employment verification, criminal and education

Need month and day (not year) of birth at point of submission


In-person interview gets first preference.  They have not closed the door on WebEx but candidate has to be extraordinary for them to consider it

The targeted product is a sophisticated electronic trading system with real-time and complex workflow management components built on JEE and Oracle on the server side and state-of-the-art HTML5 / Web UI technologies on the front end, and real-time technologies such as websockets on the communication layer. 

The role is a full stack application developer with strong experience with Java, Oracle, and JavaScript / Web UI technologies.

Full Stack but primary key is strong core Java, Oracle database (PL/SQL), Spring, and database access technology Hibernate.

•       BA/BS degree or equivalent.
•       8+ years’ of full-stack web-based software development experience.
•       Excellent knowledge of core Java, Oracle database, Spring, and database access technology as Hibernate.
•       Experience with core Web UI technologies including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
•       Experience working with at least one modern JavaScript library (React.js, Ext JS, Angular JS, Backbone.js, Bootstrap) would be preferred.
•       Experience with JMS-based or similar messaging systems would be preferred.
•       A strong sense of craftsmanship.
•       Ability to work well with others.  We are looking for team players.

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